The first ever Filipino jeepney converted into a mobile kitchen, serving our top quality snacks at your doorstep!

Launched  August 28,2017, Our spectacular Jeepfood is ready to serve you anywhere in Malaybalay City and beyond with unique variety of savory snacks (pasta scampi, pasta creamy chicken, pizza baguette, French croque monsieur, vegetarian or grilled chicken sandwich, Maranao pater and the tribal fresh dish invented for us by Waway Saway. Of course, Jeepfood also offer French fries, crepes, tablea and coffee shakes…

Eiffel Kubo is proud and happy that Mindanao now has a restaurant on wheels like no other, especially decorated by three talented tribal artists: Juan Cabaluna of Manobo Tribe, John Paul Binayao of Higa-onon Tribe, Raul Bendit of the Tala-andig Tribe.

Jeepfood will soon roam around, you can’t miss it! the energetic Joshua Racal being it’s pilot and fine cook.

Thanks to Mrs Honolu Cruzin, Head of Malaybalay Investment & Tourism Office and Hon. Mayor Ignacio W. Zubiri, JeepFood had a promising childhood in Bukidnon’s capital, from August to November, 2017. In December 2017, JeepFood met a great success in CDO, its youth being featured by our trusted friend Ken Jennermann “Kolas” and by Acadeo de Cagayan. We owe a great deal to Mrs Dorothy Pabayo, Head of CDO’s Tourism Council and to Hon. Mayor Oscar Moreno. Heading to Iligan City by now, with Juan Miguel following Josua’s leadership, JeepFood is all set for a fabulous life!